Economic Justice: Take Action: Remove Barriers Facing Youth Who Age Out of Foster Care

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Nebraska’s current foster care system results in poor outcomes for too many young people who age out of foster care. We miss out on their human potential and a stronger workforce because of the barriers they face in becoming successful adults.
LB 216 would remove these barriers by creating an age-appropriate, youth-focused system of voluntary services and support to 21 for young people who age out of foster care. National research has shown programs like this improve long-term outcomes in a number of areas, including education, employment, and housing stability.
The Health and Human Services Committee already advanced LB 216 to General File, but the fight is far from over. The full Legislature must now vote on the bill. Please call anyone on the Health and Human Services Committee (numbers below) to thank them for advancing LB 216 out of committee, and ask for their continued support. Encourage them to invest in these children’s’ future:
Sen. Kathy Campbell, Chairperson (402) 471-2731
Sen. Tanya Cook (402) 471-2727
Sen. Sue Crawford (402) 471-2615
Sen. Mike Gloor (402) 471-2617
Sen. Sara Howard (402) 471-2723
Sen. Bob Krist (402) 471-2718
Sen. Dan Watermeier (402) 471-2733