Economic Justice: LB 577 Support

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Hard-working Nebraska families need the security of quality health care. A bill in front of your Senator could help 54,000 Nebraskans gain that security. 100% of the cost for this care is covered by the federal government thru 2016 to expand Medicaid to uninsured working Nebraskans, gradually decreasing permanently to 90%; the bill would returned $3 billion to Nebraska’s economy as a result of increased economic activity in the health sector due to federal funds from 2014-2020; expanding Medicaid eligibility will save the state over $128 million by 2020 and create thousands of jobs across the state; and increasing health coverage will make more Nebraskans healthier, give them access to the health care they need when they need it and save all of us more health care costs down the road. To support LB 577, call your Senator right now and ask them for their support to expand Nebraska’s Medicaid program. Find your senator’s phone number now.