CCSJ Graduate Assistantship

The CCSJ graduate assistant is a position designed to give graduate students (particularly those individuals pursuing Master’s degrees in Ministry, Theology, Christian Spirituality, or Negotiation and Dispute Resolution a chance to develop leadership and proficiency in faith/justice ministry as an integral member of the CCSJ team. Past Graduate Assistants have primarily worked with Ignatian Advocacy Team, Ignatian Family Teach-in for Justice trip, the Service & Justice Trips program, but have also worked with the Weekly Service program, office Communications Team, office Fundraising Team, and Project Homeless Connect Omaha. Compensation includes either partial or full tuition depending on the graduate program, stipend, and numerous opportunities for professional development. Check out the full position description for more information.


Applications are now being accepted with a priority deadline of March 2, 2015.

Past Graduate Assistants

Cat Keating  (2013-present)
Mike Rios  (2013-present)
Molly Dellaria  (2011-2013)
Jeff Peak (2009-2011)

Allison Kinney WalkerAllison Kinney-Walker(2007-2009)

My time as a graduate assistant for the Creighton Center for Service and Justice was integral to my professional growth, networking with community agencies, and building my confidence as a young recent graduate. I had the opportunity to pursue my interests, enhance my presentation and organizational skills, and create new programs and activities. While serving as an the Grad Assistant, I also was able to meet and work with many community leaders and agencies. I still partner with many of those same individuals in my current role. Lastly, being an intern gave me the opportunity to be innovative and try new things. Creating and leading programs at the CCSJ prepared me for my current role and gave me the confidence I needed to begin new initiatives. I am extremely grateful for my time as a CCSJ Assistant. Presently Allison is the Director of Upward Bound at Nebraska Methodist College while pursuing her doctorate in Education.



Kelly OrbikKelly Tadeo Orbik (2006-2008)

The CCSJ Graduate Assistantship allowed me to follow my passions, hone my skills and gain valuable experience in faith-justice ministry. I was able to transition from the peer ministry of coordinating domestic and international immersions to learning the administrative aspects of our Service and Justice Trips program. I created a 1 credit class that I was able to teach when I completed my degree and was hired as a staff member in the CCSJ. The Werner Institute was a great program for me to learn conflict resolution and group facilitation theory and practice. In any group there is conflict, it can be good or bad depending on how it is steered. Currently Kelly is the Associate Director of the CCSJ.

If you have any questions about the CCSJ Graduate Assistant position, please contact Ken Reed-Bouley, director of the CCSJ. Questions regarding the Creighton University graduate school and graduate school admissions process can be directed to either program advisers or the Graduate School.