CCSJ Weekly Service Update

CCSJ Weekly Service  has ended for the semester.  Thanks to everyone who served the Omaha community with us this year.  Weekly Service will start again in the fall.

Southern Sudanese Community Association
End date: April 29th
1:15-3:45 pm
Michelle Villegas
Katie Garrity

Siena/Francis House
End date: April 22nd
4:40-6:15 pm
Haley Warren
Ryan Freeman

Completely Kids
End date: April 24th
4:15-6:15 pm
Lauren Brown

Naturalization Test Tutoring
End date: May 1st
4:10-5:50 pm
Roselle Agdipa
Anna Ferguson

Pixan Ixim Adult Education
End date: April 24th
6:15-9:15 pm
Jessica Rangel
Katherine Osterman

Children’s Square USA
End date: April 25th
3:40-5:50 pm
Daniela Hinojosa
Amal Barre