Economic Justice: Fair Food Program

Interfaith Worker Justice (Action of Southwest Florida)

Modern-day slavery in Florida is not separate from the past, rather its roots extend deep into the state’s history of farmworker poverty and powerlessness. But due to the unstinting work of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers and its allies from the faith, student, human rights, and sustainable food communities, a comprehensive and verifiable new model of sustainable agriculture has been made. It is called the Fair Food Program.

Through this program, farmworkers, over ninety percent of Florida tomato growers, and eleven of the nation’s largest corporate buyers have come together to address modern slavery and eliminate the conditions in which it flourishes. Advances in wages and working conditions are rigorously monitored by the Fair Food Standards Council and the result has been nothing short of a sea-change in the industry.
Sign the petition to call upon the United States Department of Agriculture to support the highest standards for addressing modern slavery and ending the conditions in which it flourishes.