Reshaping the Future through Sustainable Action

The sustainability Fall Break Service and Justice trip was a great experience for me.

As I walked towards our site, I looked around at my peers. They were exhausted carrying their belongings and groceries.

I thought to myself, Okay, no big deal. We are on 24th street, and we need to get up to 38th street. Okay… Take little steps at a time.

The Sustainability Group

After this trip, I looked back on my very first day and thought, So this is the life of a person who doesn’t own a car.

To be sustainable, you are trying to live as simply as possible, while at the same time caring for the environment. You are supposed to maintain balance in your life. The thought behind sustainability is that our society is taking mother nature for granted and we should change our lifestyle in order to save what resources are left for us.

One concept stood out when one of our speakers, Daniel, visited us.

Seven generations.

When faced with a problem, think of a solution that can last for seven generations.  Our advancing technology only solves one problem, and solving only one problem will lead to many cracks within that solution, creating more problems.

While solving the problems of infestation in crops by using pesticides, another problem arose, this one affecting humans. Those pesticides used are affecting the human body, thus, they create another problem for society.

By thinking outside the box for solutions that will last in the long run (7 generations vs. 5 years) we are able to save many lives, and ultimately, change the world. We should all change our lifestyles little by little to become more sustainable because we are all human beings. We need to adapt to our surroundings, and it takes baby steps in order to adjust to those changes.

This trip has made me realize that sustainability is not only about recycling, or picking up trash, or finding alternatives. Sustainability is balancing our life ‘with our environment and reshaping the future in the long run.

Jensen Lau
2015 Graduate
Host Site: Sustainability, Omaha NE


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