Peace: Non-violent protest punished with jail time

Sister Megan Rice and her friends, all peace activists, already face 16 years in prison if they are convicted for a nonviolent peace action. Sister Megan, Greg Boertje-Obed, and Michael Walli went to Oak Ridge, Tennesse, to say no to nuclear holocaust. Instead of dropping charges, the US Attorney General and the Department of Justice are considering two additional charges against this 82-year-old nun and two U.S. veterans. One charge would result in 20 years, and the other 30 years, in prison. With the new charges, the defendants would face a maximum of 65 years in prison. This is the equivalent of a death sentence.

Megan, Greg, and Michael protested using peaceful means. They hammered on the walls of a storage facility to symbolize the disarming and abolition of nuclear weapons. The facility they were protesting holds enough weapons grade uranium to make more than 10,000 nuclear weapons, far more than what scientists say is needed to destroy life on earth.

Please sign the petition to the Attorney General of the United States asking him to refuse to authorize additional charges against the Sister and her friends.