The Reality of Service

Montgomery, AL is a city that went from being the cradle of the Confederacy to the spark of the Civil Rights movement. It’s a city that has grown and changed due to numerous change agents from the past and present. The people who call this city home have been dynamic, moving Montgomery forward as an example of change for the rest of the nation.

Omaha, NE needs to be changed. It needs to be shaken and moved. It’s static, but only a few change agents are needed to spark movement. While we may consider our Fall Break Service Trips over and done, the REAL service trip began when we returned to Omaha. We don’t need to journey miles away in order to do good and cause change. In fact, our own city needs us now more than ever. The complacency and satisfaction of Omaha stagnates its ability to be a dynamic city.

The Montgomery Group at a Gala Fundraiser

What it all comes down to is the realization that service is not something one does for a week before the hustle and bustle of academics bears down upon them. Service is a lifestyle that should be lived out every moment of every day. It doesn’t have to be separate from all other aspects of one’s life; in fact, it shouldn’t. In every aspect and every arena, service should permeate us and be completely infused with our other activities. Start at Creighton, move through Omaha, and go on to the ends of all the earth.

Jonathan Santiago
2015 Graduate
Major: Business Law
Host Site: Catholic Resurrection Ministries, Montgomery, AL


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