Sustainability: Tell Congress to Renew the Production Tax Credit Now!

Sierra Club

Even in the face of thousands of layoffs and a looming deadline, Congress continues to delay renewing the Production Tax Credit- an important financing provision for wind energy. Every day of stalling means another day of American jobs in jeopardy.

Tell Congress to support extending the Production Tax Credit (PTC), which will ensure a job-creating industry continues to grow. The PTC pays companies that generate wind, solar, geothermal, and “closed-loop” bioenergy, 2.2 cents per kilowatt-hour for the first 10 years of a renewable energy facility’s operation. Companies that use other technology, such as “open-loop” biomass, efficiency upgrades and capacity additions for existing hydroelectric facilities, small irrigation systems, landfill gas, and municipal solid waste, receive a lesser value tax credit of 1.0 cents per kWh.

The PTC for wind energy expires at the end of 2012, and its’ renewal is vital to keeping the production of wind energy moving in the right direction. Ask Congress to renew the Production Tax Credit to support renewable energy and American jobs!