Sustainability – Clean Energy Victory Bonds

On August 2, Representative Bob Filner and 10 cosponsors introduced the Clean Energy Victory Bonds Act of 2012, H.R. 6275, in the House of Representatives. The bill, officially entitled “To promote the domestic development and deployment of clean energy technologies required for the 21st century,” will allow all Americans to invest in Treasury Bonds for as little as $25 each, that will fund a clean energy future. The $50 billion raised from the bonds will fund clean energy programs that support wind, solar, energy efficiency, and electric vehicles in the United States.

Clean Energy Victory Bonds would extend proven government programs that create clean energy and jobs, including the Investment Tax Credit and Production Tax Credit, for a decade. The bonds will help ensure American competitiveness in the growing clean energy and transportation industries and will help create over 1.7 million jobs throughout the Unites States.

Call your representative to tell them that you support the Clean Energy Victory Bonds program and/or pledge to buy the bonds. We need to show that these bonds have strong support from US citizens in every congressional district!