Economic Justice – Abercrombie & Fitch Worker’s Rights!

Retail Action
Bintou Kamara likes working at A&F, but the company is not giving her the rights that they should. The store’s scheduling policies require her to be on-call instead of having predictable hours. Abercrombie has also capped part-time workers’ schedules at 10 hours a week while they continue to hire new workers. Bintou and her co-workers have asked their managers for more hours, but they were told it won’t happen. Additionally, she gets her schedule two days ahead of time, and it normally changes without any consent or notification.

Bintou has learned that the retail industry is one of the biggest sectors for new jobs, but more and more retailers are following A&F, and using abusive scheduling. Bintou is not the only one struggling to get the hours and benefits she needs. Ask A&F to improve the lives of its workers by giving its workers predictable hours and ending “on-call” shifts.