CRS Fair Trade Sale

Handcrafted Fair Trade PotsAre you looking to get Holiday presents for your family, friends, and loved ones? Are you looking for fun, creative, and unique gifts? Then you should come Campus Ministry (located in Lower Swanson) November 26 – 30 between 9:00am and 4:30pm for the Justice and Peace Co-op’s Christmas Fair Trade Sale! Items include Scarves, bowls, jewelry, coffee, chocolate, decorations, and other items. Prices start at $5.

All of the gifts we are selling are made by low-income artisans from across the world who will be receiving a fair and just profit from the products we sale.

Fair trade is a system that not only aims to pay fair wages to small artisans and farmers in developing countries, but also creates long-term, direct trading relationships with the communities in order to foster sustainable development.

For more information about the sale, please contact Kim Berberich at

For more information on Fair Trade, visit Catholic Relief Service’s Fair Trade page: