Albuquerque, NM Trinity House Fall 2012

Check out the pictures from the Service & Justice trip to Trinity House in Albuquerque, NM.

Defense Industry, Sustainability and Homelessness, Can you Dig it?
The Trinity Catholic Worker House is located in a rural, agricultural area, near the middle of Albuquerque, which is about as big as Omaha. The neighborhood of the Catholic Worker has recent immigrants as well as established families; the area has opulence and poverty existing side-by-side. The nuclear weapons industry has record budgets, but it is scrutinized by a small but determined group of abolitionists. The goals of the Catholic Worker community in Albuquerque are offering relief for those hurt by capitalism and abolishing nuclear weapons. The Trinity Catholic Worker is a house of hospitality which offers food, showers, and laundry services to families experiencing homeless in the community. A central component of the Trinity House family is simplicity. The House asks for service of manual labor and accompaniment–being with your guests and speakers. (This community has a few cats, if you have allergies/dislikes.)