Service & Justice Trip Updates

Omaha Sustainability group final reflection

Omaha Sustainability: What are you taking away from this trip?
Sustainability is all about relationships. Relationships with each other to stay motivated to live more sustainably. Our relationship with the earth so as to not see anything as an object, but to instead see all life as subjects. It’s about a deep appreciation of the trees as our brother.

Omaha Siena/Francis:
Wednesday afternoon we decorated the Day Services Center for Halloween with Sr. Stephanie

East St. Louis:
We got to share dinner and Social Analysis last night with a group from St. Louis University.

Omaha Pixan Ixim:
On Tuesday night, we talked about immigration.
It’s been a very busy week so far. One thing we’ve been doing is shadowing at OneWorld.

Yesterday we helped to make fry bread. We’ve also been helping to winterize the area around the sweat lodge.

El Paso Annunciation House:
Everything has been going well. We spend a lot of time in the sala (living area of the house) with the families. It has been a great chance to continue building community.

Chicago White Rose:
The trip’s really going great. We have all enjoyed our stay on the farm so far. We’ve been helping Regina and John prep and close it for the winter. We’ve had many meals and conversations over warm bonfires. We have been doing some cooking and canning of the harvest. This afternoon we will go to the Kovler Center for torture survivors in Chicago.