Post-Graduate Volunteer FAQ

Where can I go to find out information about post-grad volunteering?
Come to the CCSJ to meet with Jeff Peak, attend a Career and Post-Grad Volunteer Fair, or start looking online. Catholic Volunteer Network publishes and distributes RESPONSE, the most comprehensive handbook of lay mission volunteer opportunities. Read this short informational page: The Basics of Post-Grad Volunteering.

What programs are available?
There are literally thousands of programs depending on where you would like to volunteer and what kind of work you would like to do.

What are the differences in programs?
Programs are local, domestic or international. Some people live in community with other volunteers, with religious communities or on your own.

What is the time commitment?
Programs vary in length from a summer to 3.5 years. Most are one or two years.

What are the financial advantages?
Most programs cover room and board, basic medical insurance, a small stipend, and loan deferment. Some programs offer an educational award or ability to take classes at a local university.

What are the other advantages?
Depending on what you are looking for you can usually find it- the opportunity to learn, serve and possibly travel. The relationships you form with a volunteer community, host site community or agency provide invaluable experience. These friendships and first hand experiences make students more informed citizens.

Who can I talk to about post-grad volunteering?
Stop by the CCSJ to talk with Jeff–he volunteered with Amate House in Chicago. Carrie Wortmann and Colleen Keller are both former volunteers and now run Creighton’s very own Magis Catholic Teacher Corps.  Talk to someone who has volunteered, with representatives from various programs, friends, mentors, professionals in your career field who have advice on what kind of experience will make you a better practicioner.

When do I need to make a decision?
Some applications are due in the fall, some international programs in January and February, most domestic programs in March, and some have rolling deadlines. Please see individual websites.