Service and Justice Trips – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a Service & Justice Trip?
Service & Justice Trips are week-long trips (except 5 day local Omaha trips) during Fall and Spring break on which students serve and learn with one of several community partner hosts across the country. Two trained student coordinators lead a group of 6-14 students. During the trip, you will engage in a variety of service experiences, learn about local social justice issues, and have a blast getting to know other Creighton students.

How can I find out more about Service & Justice Trips?
Attend the Information Meetings in April or November each year for the next semester’s trips. In the meantime, ask around — hundreds of current Creighton students have participated in just the past few years, or check out the Service and Justice Trips video. Or you can stop by the CCSJ office, Harper 2067.

What kind of service is available?
There’s something for everybody: tutoring/playing with children, tutoring adults, working in soup kitchens, yard work, painting, building a house, learning about different cultures and much more!

When are Service Trips?
Fall Break Service & Justice Trips 2014 will be (leaving Friday after last class if a 2 day drive) Friday, October 17, 2014  and will return by the end of the day Saturday, October 25, 2014.

Spring Break Service Trips 2014 will be (leaving Friday after last class if a 2 day drive) Friday, Mar. 6, 2014 –  and return Saturday, Mar. 14, 2014.

How much does it cost?
The price (what we charge) of a full week Fall 2014 Service & Justice Trip  is $325, $210 for a 5 day local Omaha trip. The cost of each trip is over $400, but this is lowered by student fundraising and from a $10 a person price reduction thanks to funding from the Creighton Students Union.

Will I need to bring any money on the trip?
Sleeping arrangements, food at the site, transportation, and a donation to our community partner host will be taken care of from your payment. You will only need a little spending money (around $30) in case you stop for a meal on the way there or back, etc. Some sites have cultural souvenirs that you may consider bringing extra money to support local artisans, ask your coordinator for more info.

Who goes on Service & Justice Trips?
Students from every undergraduate school, Freshmen-Seniors, and some graduate students participate in the trips. Faculty or staff interested should speak with Jeff Peak at the CCSJ ( or x1295).

Do I get to choose where I will I be going for my Service & Justice Trip?
Although we cannot guarantee your destination, we try to match students to sites of interest to them based on their application, interview, number of previous trips, and year in school. For more information about our Service & Justice Trip Host Sites see the descriptions listed.

Where will I be staying?
Each site is different. Groups stay in churches, post-grad volunteer program houses, Catholic Worker Houses of Hospitality, or with community organizations. You will have access to showers and all necessary (though often simple!) facilities. A sleeping bag is a helpful item. Most sites sleep on floors with sleeping bags.

How do I sign up?
The application can be found online after the information meetings, and requires personal information, emergency contact information, and several short essays. Payment and sign ups for interviews need be done in the CCSJ (Harper 2067) on or before the deadline as well. This is for all general applicants, Cortina students and RAs as well!). Fall Break 2014 applications will be due on Apr. 14, 2014 by 4pm.

What are the “Service & Justice Trip Pillars”?
The Pillars are: Service, Justice, Solidarity, Sustainability, Simplicity, Community,  and Reflection. All trips are grounded in these seven areas. You will learn more about what these pillars mean in the context of your trip during the Service Trip meetings. For more information, you can read about the pillars on the Service Trip Pillars page.

What should I bring and not bring?
You will not need much for your Service & Justice Trip. One of the pillars is Simplicity. Therefore, we ask students only to bring one bag with clothing appropriate to your site. You may also want to bring a journal. We require that you DO NOT bring cell phones, personal iPods, cameras, etc. (Basically we ask you to “unplug” for the week so that you can be fully present to your experience and group.) Every group will have a single group camera and a group cell phone for emergencies and to contact families when you arrive. If you must bring a cell phone, we ask you to keep it off  and in your bag for the week and use it for emergencies only. We cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items brought on trips. We ask that you leave anything too expensive to loose at home. Make up, brand name and special items are not necessary.

What is the selection process?
After you fill out your application, you will sign up for a 15 minute interview in the CCSJ office. The interview is to get to know you better so that we can properly place you and to let you know more about what you can expect from the Service & Justice Trips program. After the interview, we will place all applicants on a trip and post the list in the office and you will receive an email. We try to make room for everyone who wants to go on a Service & Justice Trip.

How will I get there?
Your group will likely travel to your site in a Creighton vehicle or rented van. If your group is staying in Omaha, you will be walking and using public transportation. Some of our other sites take public transportation as well, all Chicago trips travel on bus to Chicago and then use local transportation once in Chicago.

Do Service & Justice Trips have to comply with Creighton’s new Children and Vulnerable Adults training?Yes.  Every academic year, Creighton students need to complete the Children and Vulnerable Adults training if they want to do service with children or vulnerable adults.  Since all Service & Justice Trips meet that criteria, it is necessary to require the training for all participants.  If you have already completed the training this school year for another Service & Justice Trip or with a different club/organization, you fulfill the requirement.  Check out the Office of Equity and Inclusion website for more information about training dates.