IFTJ Core Team 2012-2013

Roselle AgdipaHello there! I’m a Sophomore Social Work major with a Legal Studies minor on the Pre-Law track. I’m from half-way across the country, San Jose, California. This year I will be living in the Cortina community and will happily hike the stairs to the top floor as long as I get to experience the wonderfulness that is Cortina. I fell in love with the CCSJ before I was even a freshmen, when I saw the large group of Creighton students at IFTJ (Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice) when I was a senior in high school. Although the Teach-In was not the only reason I choose to attend Creighton for college, it is one of the reasons. I am so stoked to work at the CCSJ this year. Outside of the CCSJ you can see me walking backwards down the mall giving tours for Admissions or moving my hips with the Hui’ o Hawaii girls during the annual Lu’au. I absolutely love Creighton and am so excited to be a part of the CCSJ this year.

Anna FergusonHello, hello! My name is Anna Ferguson, I am a sophomore from Wheaton, IL, which is a suburb just West of the Windy City, and, yes, I am a PROUD Cubs fan! I am currently pursuing a double major in Theology and Journalism, which are two huge passions of mine. Writing and faith, what could be better? The oldest of six girls, I come from a lively family who instilled in me a desire to serve and learn as much as I can about the less fortunate around me. I was blessed with a very active and faithful youth group community throughout high school that continued to foster my passion for service to others. I spent five summers traveling with them to different cities within the U.S., doing mission work and growing in my faith. That experience, combined with the service work I dove into when I came to Creighton last year, led me to the CCSJ. Through the Freshman Leadership Program, the IFTJ trip, a Spring Break Service & Justice Trip in Detroit, and the Creighton Cleanup, my sense of service and, especially solidarity, deepened significantly. A life immersed in simplicity, service, and solidarity became my source of energy and meaning at Creighton, and the CCSJ was the perfect place to find that. I am excited to work on the Communications team and the IFTJ planning team this year and can’t wait to see how much I learn in that process! Along with service and writing, other passions of mine include reading, spending time with friends, and any outdoor activity, but most especially camping, hiking, and climbing. Future plans include studying in the Dominican Republic (hopefully) and continuing my summer job at The Pines Catholic Camp in Big Sandy, TX.

Michelle VillegasHola! I am a political science major from Chicago, IL with a passion for social justice. I first got involved with the CCSJ the first semester of my freshman year through the IFTJ trip to Washington D.C. IFTJ led me to become more involved in the office as a member of the Ignatian Advocacy Team and Immigration advocacy group. This summer I had the privilege of participating in an internship with Interfaith Worker Justice in Chicago with the support of the CCSJ. I am beyond excited to be working in the CCSJ this year and to continue to grow in and learn from our community.Aside from school, I love coffee shops, used book stores and chocolate. I enjoy reading classic novels and watching foreign films, and I am a huge fan of music, any and almost every genre. I tend to have a “half-glass full” view on things. I like to laugh, give hugs, and day-dream. I am excited to make new friends through the CCSJ, hear their stories, have new experiences and learn a little bit more about myself through all of it.

Bianca Jinete Mejia
Bio coming soon.