2011 Graduates

In the next few weeks we will be updating how we display the blogs of Creighton graduates who are volunteering. We will display their latest post as well as provide a link to their blog. In the meantime here are links to the blogs of theĀ  graduates of the class of 2011 (that we know of). If you know of blogs which we are missing please let us know.

jacobhuju.wordpress.com (Jacob Huju – El Paso, TX)

suzannetburke.wordpress.com (Suzanne Burke)

beccaharvey.wordpress.com (Becca Harvey – El Paso, TX)

elizabethschroer.blogspot.com (Elizabeth Schroer – Managua, Nicaragua)

michaelmelaniphy.blogspot.com (Michael Melaniphy – Lima, Peru)

anarheck.wordpress.com (Ana Heck – Managua, Nicaragua)

scottpeak.wordpress.com (Scott Peak – Johannesburg, South Africa)

ferry-tales.blogspot.com (Diane Ferry – Merke, Kazakhstan)

trialsandtriumphsofasongwriter.blogspot.com (Kitzi Hendricks – Bolivia)

alli-in-mexico-tumblr.com (Alli Fox – Micatlan, Mexico)

natetye.tumblr.com (Nate Tye – Albuquerque, NM)