Paper 4 Reflection

This English 150 class continues to teach me about different literacies that I did not know the slightest bit about before.  I always assumed English classes were for simply writing essays and reading.  This class has opened my eyes to the fact that there is much more to the English language than that and this assignment for paper four is a great example.  Although it is not the “typical” English assignment, I found this project to create a blog very insightful in multiple ways.  Never before have I created blog, but by doing so I have leaned a whole new literacy, learned how to use hyperlinks, and informed myself even more on how much todays technology is taken for granted.

Creating this blog was a great learning experience.  It was entertaining to be able to format my writing and thoughts in a different way with color and photos.  It challenged the more creative side of my brain to get everything to flow with photos and hyperlinks.  This would never happen in a standard black and white essay.  Creating this blog also taught me to leave my points open.  Usually I am writing to prove a point or to persuade, but in the blog I simply placed my ideas to be interpreted differently.  It is more open for the audience to form their own thoughts and to provoke a deeper conceptual thinking.  I didn’t feel as if I had to prove anything, which made it easier to write about how I actually felt about the topic and leave out the detail that I would usually put in only to support my points.

Another learning experience from this project was learning how to use hyperlinks throughout the blog.  I have never used hyperlinks before, but I found them very beneficial in this style of writing.  This made it possible to only write about the actual core of my points and not have to explain or support each point.  This helped to support my points without forcing them on the reader.  Of course it is biased towards my opinions, but the full article is available for the reader to create their own opinions.  I learned that hyperlinks can be a very affective way to not only support my ideas, but also to expand my thoughts even further.  Each point I mention can be elaborated exponentially through the use of hyperlinks.  This is a great learning experience because you end up reading about, and becoming informed about, multiple topics instead of just one.  I have learned that I can use hyperlinks to avoid overwhelming the reader with writing, yet still have all of the support and information at the readers disposal if wanted.

The final learning experience this project has given me is an even deeper understanding on how much todays technology is being taken for granted.  With modern technology, possibilities are virtually endless.  Even with all of this at easy access to many, many people take advantage of it for all of the wrong reasons, including myself.  Writing about this topic has made me to reflect even further about it, and has continued to influence me to change how I use today’s technology.  Too much time is wasted using technology for all the wrong reasons.  People watch hours of TV everyday, play videogames non-stop, watch funny videos on YouTube, and much more.  These are all great stress relievers and ways to relax, but if not done in moderation, it is a waste of productivity.  This project has deepened my thoughts on this and encourages me to use my time more wisely.  If I use the Internet for learning purposes and not games, I can accomplish much more.

I believe this has been an extremely enlightening project.  I enjoyed creating this blog and love the fact that others or I can add to it at any time.  My work never has to be complete.  Makes sense because my thoughts are never complete.  Between simply creating the blog, incorporating hyperlinks, or just inspiring me to think deeper, this assignment has been a phenomenal learning experience on multiple levels.


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