Canvas Release – April 18, 2020

By , April 20, 2020 7:06 pm

Canvas, the application better known as BlueLine, operates on a monthly release cycle through which features are added or updated. Some highlights from the most recent release notes follow. For further clarification, check out the full release notes site.



Mute Notifications by Course

Users can mute all notifications for a course where the user is enrolled. This change allows users to mute all notifications for a specific course.

Notifications video: Mute Notifications by Course (2020-04-18 Release)



Limited Submission Attempts

Submission attempts can be limited in Canvas assignments. This feature allows instructors to limit submission attempts for students.

Assignments video: Limited Submission Attempts (2020-04-18 Release)



Assignment Header Menu SpeedGrader Link

Assignment menus in the Gradebook include a link to SpeedGrader. This change helps graders access SpeedGrader more easily.

Gradebook: Assignment Header Menu SpeedGrader Link (2020-04-18 Release)


New Quizzes

Multiple Answer Partial Scoring

Multiple Answer questions allow instructors to award students partial credit with penalty if a student selects an incorrect response. This grading option will be the default for new Multiple Answer questions with an option to use Exact Match instead. This change allows instructors to award partial credit when Multiple Answer questions are auto-graded. This change also provides parity with Classic Quizzes behavior, contributing to a smoother migration to New Quizzes.

New Quizzes video: Multiple Answer Partial Scoring (2020-04-18 Release)



Course Navigation Rubrics Link

The Manage Rubrics button has been removed from the course-level Outcomes page and added to the Course Navigation Menu. This change allows course rubrics to be accessed more quickly. Additionally, the workflow is more intuitive as outcomes are not required within a rubric.

Rubrics video: Course Navigation Rubrics Link (2020-04-18 Release)


Canvas Ready Releases

To provide more immediate solutions to our customers, the Canvas release process will temporarily involve weekly releases. Features included in these releases provide specific needs related to COVID-19 scenarios. For full details about release adjustments, please refer to COVID-19 Updates to Canvas Releases and Deploys.


Hypothesis tool – Specific for Creighton through Fall 2020

Creighton has integrated Hypothesis, an annotation tool for commenting/discussing within a document – available only through December 2020. Kathy Craig, of the RadLab, has created three training videos:


For a complete production release update, please see: Canvas Productions Release Notes: April 18, 2020.


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