Canvas Release Nov. 16, 2019

By , November 14, 2019 8:22 pm

Canvas, the application better known as BlueLine, operates on a monthly release cycle through which features are added or updated. Some highlights from the most recent release notes follow. For further clarification, check out the full release notes site.


Dashboard: Course Card Unfavorite Option

In the Course Card Dashboard, courses can be removed as favorites from the course card Options menu. This change allows users to quickly remove a course as a favorite without having to access the Courses page. This applies only to courses that the user actively favorited, as opposed to courses that are automatically favorited when they are published.


Coming After Fall: the NEW Rich Content Editor

Over Christmas break, expect to find the New Rich Content Editor available within courses. Here are some features of the New RCE:

  • Right Side Content Selector Bar -This bar persistently used 1/3 of the page. The solution provides the right side content selector only when the user selects an option that requires it.
  • Images and Files -The updated RCE provides options to make it easier to add, embed or link to images and files. It auto-scales images with content so that your content is responsive on smaller screens. Students have the option to download images and files after previewing them, instead of auto-downloading everything they click on.
  • Window Size -The RCE window size auto-sizes to content while creating and after publishing.
  • Icons and Organization -The RCE toolbar is consolidated to make it more consistent with other editing tools that most users are accustomed to using.


For a complete production release update, please see: Canvas Productions Release Notes: Nov. 16, 2019.


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