Canvas Release Oct. 19, 2019 & Canvas Teacher App Updates

By , October 21, 2019 6:13 pm

Canvas, the application better known as BlueLine, operates on a monthly release cycle through which features are added or updated. Some highlights from the most recent release notes follow. For further clarification, check out the full release notes site.


Navigation: Menu Visibility

The Course and User Navigation Menus have been updated to include color and visual indicators to define active menu items. Additionally, the Course Navigation Menu includes tooltip indicators to clarify inactive menu items. No functionality has been affected. This change helps improve accessibility in Canvas. Previously the inactive links displayed in light gray text with a light border, which did not fulfill contrast ratios. Additionally, active and inactive links only relied on color to convey information.


New Gradebook: Post Policy Icon Updates

The word Manual displays in the assignment header to indicate the assignment is set with the Manual Posting Policy. Additionally, the outlined Visibility icon only displays when entered grades need to be posted. This change helps simplify the number of icons related to the manual posting policy and provide icon consistency throughout Canvas.


When an assignment is set with the Manual Posting Policy, the outlined Visibility icon has been replaced with the word Manual. This change clarifies the policy status, not the grade status, which aligns consistency with other statuses that display in the Gradebook—Unpublished, Moderated, and Anonymous.


Canvas Teacher Apps

Both the Android and the iOS Canvas Teacher apps have been updated within the last four weeks. You can download the Canvas Teacher app on Android and iOS devices. Here are links to the latest guides:

Canvas Teacher iOS Guide

Canvas Teacher Android Guide


End-of-Life for Firefox ESR 60 on October 22

Firefox ESR 60 is replaced by Firefox ESR 68. Users who have not upgraded will not be able to use Firefox ESR 60 as a browser. Which browsers does Canvas support?


ITLS has now created a Firefox ESR 6.8 package that CSAs can push to users who express a need. CSAs are cautioned to remember that this upgrade should be accompanied by the tech protecting the Bookmark file.


For a complete production release update, please see: Canvas Productions Release Notes: Oct. 19, 2019.


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