Technical Information

BLUJ Radio operates 24/7/365 as an internet radio station. It is distributed by Live365 who ensures compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and is licensed by ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and SoundExchange ensuring BLUJ Radio’s broadcast is legal in accordance with copyright laws.

Using Live365 BLUJ Radio is distributed through 3 different mediums allowing for the largest possible audience, flexibility, and connivence when listening. These mediums are Live365, TuneIn, and Apple iTunes Internet Radio Directory. Click here to learn more about how to listen to BLUJ Radio.

Technical Details for Content Creators

  • If your audio content will be scheduled to play at specific times please submit the necessary audio files to the BLUJ Radio Engineering staff  at least 72 hours prior to air time. This ensures we can have enough time to test and schedule the content to ensure it airs correctly and at the desired date/time.
  • Our station broadcasts in MPEG III (MP3) Joint Stereo at 128kpbs and with a sample rate of 44.1kHz. Please export your audio files at these settings or higher if desired. Files lower than 128kpbs will be up-transcoded to 128kpbs and can loose quality in that process.   If you are unfamiliar with how to create an MP3, iTunes (the popular music application from Apple) that can help with this.
  • Please submit audio files to BLUJ Radio by using JayDrop, a file transfer service provided by DoIT, to our station email address JayDrop has a file size limit of 700mb. If your files are larger than this limit please contact us at
  • Please include the show’s title, or what you want displayed to listeners when your content is playing. Please also include contact information so we can confirm with you when your content has been scheduled.
  • When promoting BLUJ Radio for your content and would like to include a link for listening please use