l”I wish I was dead already… That’s just how I feel.”

A death wish?  Really Lana?

Honestly I can’t say I’m all that surprised.  With her first album titled Born to Die, mortality seems to be a theme in Lana Del Rey’s life.  Actress Lena Dunham recently tweeted “Why is anyone shocked Lana Del Rey said she wished she was dead? That’s an actual lyric on her last album: “I wish I was dead.”  All humor aside, the theme of death is one that Lana seems to revolve around.  If you’ve ever listened to Lana, you know that this 27 year old New York born singer/songwriter is known for her haunting yet infectious music that’s unlike any other cult artist of this generation.  But the fact that she’s currently 27 is causing a lot of commotion in the music world.  In a recent interview she sited Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain as heroes, both who died at age 27.  Music phenoms Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix also died at this age.  Could all of this talk about joining the “27 Club” just be an easy way for her to gain publicity?  Probably, but having death wishes is an odd route to take…  But maybe not for Lana.

Ignoring all of the depressing and controversial talk, as a long time lover of her first album, her latest was released early last week and it’s definitely worth a listen.  Dan Auerbach from the Black Keys produced much of her new album, Ultraviolence, and although it may not have some of the upbeat qualities of her last album, the melancholy vibe it gives off is nothing short of addicting and her lyrics are phenomenal as always.  It took some repetition, but I’ve started to get hooked.  Be sure to check out Old Money and Florida Kilos, two of my favorites.


“Be young, be dope, be proud”,




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