J. Roddy Walston Concert

From the bathroom, I could hear the intro to “Heavy Bells”, followed by a muffled cheer. As soon as the drums and bass started, the light fixtures started shaking, dust particles from the ceiling fell on me as I headed back to my spot. The Slowdown hadn’t been shaken like this in a while. Initially, Sunday concerts in the Slowdown’s front room might leave something to be desired, with people constantly checking how late it is getting, doing the math on how many hour of sleep they had left. Not tonight, Omaha came out to party, even if it meant an extra cup of coffee on Monday morning; so be it.

J. Roddy Walston and The Business has been making their way through an intensive tour through the U.S. even featuring stops on Conan and Letterman. Chances are they’ll be making a stop in your hometown this summer, so check out their tour schedule! They are an authentic rock and roll band, down to the shoulder length hair and field-tested leather combat boots, they know what they’re doing.

They’ve picked up a lot of steam recently with their new album Essential Tremors which has caught the attention of Rolling Stone and has earned 3.5/4 stars from Chicago’s Red Eye magazine. Given a few months and a completed tour season, (especially after making stops at Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo), I expect we’ll be seeing J. Roddy Walston much more in the future. As J.Roddy Walston left the stage, he held up his Heineken and looked deeply into the crowd as if to say “We’ll be back, Omaha.”


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