There Can Only Be One Beyoncé

As I was studying for finals on a Thursday night back in December something happened in the music world that won’t soon be forgotten.  Of course by “studying” I should probably be more clear and change that to “procrastinating”, as I was mindlessly surfing Facebook around 11pm until I came across a status that turned my night (and world) around.  One of my friends had written a manic post in all caps about how Beyoncé had just released a self-titled “visual” album out of nowhere, complete with full music videos accompanying each song.  Although I knew there was prior speculation that she had plans to release her 5th studio album that December after releasing Bow Down (now known as Flawless) and Grown Woman earlier in the year, no one had any idea she would make such an impact in the music world.  It was so huge that iTunes crashed within hours as people around the globe rushed to download her music.  Introducing a sound and style very different from her past work, her new music is prime.  If you’re reading this post I sincerely hope you’ve already listened to it.  If not, well then shame on you.  Although no one can compare to Beyoncé it looks like she’s started a new trend in the music world with surprise releasing music rather than getting listeners hyped in advance.  On February  25th, both Coldplay and Kid Cudi hopped on the surprise release train.

As a long time and shameless listener to Coldplay, I couldn’t help but be excited when I saw that this British rock band surprise released a new single and music video two days ago.  With just a single tweet saying that “something new” would be coming at midnight in Ulaanbaatar time (the capitol of Mongolia in case you were wondering), Coldplay released their new song “Midnight”.  The first time I played it I immediately thought I was listening to Bon Iver and as I did more research, that seemed to be the case for most listeners.  The mesmerizing synths and mumbly lyrics are very Justin Vernon-esc and the trippy x-ray vision music video gives off a vibe that is definitely not from the Coldplay I once knew.  Am I a fan of this change?  I’m not quite sure yet; it’s definitely going to take some repeated listening to figure it out.  Give Midnight a listen and decide for yourself!

On the same day Midnight was released, hip-hop artist Kid Cudi released his space inspired album, Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon.  In true Beyoncé fashion he also caused iTunes to crash due to the large amount of sudden downloads.  Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to listen to all 11 tracks yet, but if it’s anything like his old stuff I have a good feeling about it.  But who knows, maybe he pulled a Coldplay and completely reinvented himself.

Change in the music scene is happening all over the place.  In our fast paced society we don’t want to be bored by what we’ve already experienced and the world of music is definitely contributing to our current lifestyle.  I’m definitely a sucker for the classics but I also love discovering new music and sounds that artists constantly come out with.  Of course the more artists use the “surprise release” technique, the less surprising and less effective  it will become.  It’s only a matter of time until something else becomes the new craze in the music scene.

Even through all of the change and music hype happening, one thing will always remain true: there can only be one Beyoncé.  Bow down to her.






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