AV Undercover

tumblr_mfaxmn3f891qaq9klo1_400GUYS LOOK WHAT I JUST FOUND. So, the AV Club periodically releases these lists of 25 tracks (chosen by their readers) and has bands come in to their little circular room, and cover one of the 25 songs. Once a song is played, it is crossed off the list, so the later a band comes in, the fewer songs they have to choose from! They call itĀ A.V.UndercoverĀ and I think it is awesome.

If you’re not doing anything over break, this is an awesome way to watch music. Maybe you can use it to take up an afternoon, whatever. And with three series of these Undercover sets, you’ve got 75 videos to watch! Awesome! I love hearing how each band’s genre effects how they interpret and play their songs! CHECK OUT MY FAVORITE ONE.


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