Using the BlueCast Editor

Did you know you can edit your BlueCast recordings? The built in editor allows creators to easily and quickly preform basic editing tasks such as trimming the start and end of a recording and edit parts out of the middle of the recording. This guide will walk you through these two tasks.

First navigate to and log in using the “BlueLine account” option and using your NETID and Blue password.

Find the recording you would like to edit, hover over it with your mouse and select the edit button that appears on the right (icon is a film clapper)

Once the editor is loaded you will be presented with the editing interface:

To trim the beginning or end of your recording, locate the Timeline in the lower portion of your screen.

Click and hold on one of the “Handlebars” and drag left or right to trim the entire recording. You’ll notice parts of the clip become darker to the right or left of the handle bar as you drag, these regions will not be shown to the viewers. The vertical red line is the timeline curser, click anywhere in the timeline to place this curser then click the play button to preview the recording from that point. You can also use the zoom buttons to make your edits very accurate.


To edit out a part of your recording in the middle, right click on any part of the recording in the timeline and a menu will appear, select “Split Edit”.

 This will split the current region into 2 independent regions. From here you can adjust the “Handlebars” until the desired portion is removed from your recording.

Note: When viewing your edited recording, the transition between edits is an immediate hard cut to the next part.

When you are finished making your edits click the save button at the top of the editor. It will ask you to confirm: you can save and continue working on your recording or save and return to the session list.

Your newly edited recording will need to reprocess so please allow time for this. The link to the recording will be temporally removed in BlueLine and will reappear when BlueCast finishes making the edits to your recording.

The BlueCast editor is a “Non-Destructive” editor meaning you can never alter your original recording, any changes you make can always be reverted back to their original state. the editor also allows you to make different versions of your recording (Split your recording up into parts or perhaps make a “Director’s Cut” with answers to upcoming quizes!) We’ll have a guide for this soon so stay tuned!

If you need any assistance with using the editor feel free to contact us at


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