Using Drop Boxes

What does a drop box do exactly? Essentially, enabling a drop box on a course (folder) grants students (viewers) an extra ability; they can record and submit content to a designated folder without being able to view or edit other user’s sessions.

To get started, we first need to create our drop box for the desired Course or Folder.

  • Log into with the BlueLine Account option then using your NETID and Blue password.
  • Navigate to the course (folder) you would like to create a drop box in and click the folder settings “cog” in the top right of the page.

  • You will now be presented with the Folder Settings window. Click ┬áthe “Create Drop Box” button under the Drop Box heading.

Thats it! you have now created a drop box for your students or other viewers to record to. You will notice the drop box appears as a subfolder under you’re course with [Drop Box] appended to the course title.

All viewers (students) in your course (folder) now have access to record into the newly created drop box. They can download the recorder (Mac or PC) from or from the “BlueCast Content” section in your course on BlueLine (see here). Instructions for using the recorders can be found here: Windows | Mac

Students can review their recordings in the drop box by logging into using the BlueLine Account option and then their NETID and Blue password. They will not be able to view fellow student’s recordings or be able to delete or modify theirs or anyones recordings in anyway. After review the instructor can move the student recordings out of the drop box and into the main course folder. Once this is done a link to each recording will appear in BlueLine under the “BlueCast Content” section. Click here for directions on moving sessions in BlueCast

If you have any questions on Drop Boxes or require any additional assistace with BlueCast please feel free to email us at


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