Embed an Active URL into a Recording

While viewing a lecture in BlueCast, you can now add a URL to your lecture that will open in a new tab during session playback.

This feature will only work if the viewer has an active internet connection while viewing a presentation. It will not load if viewed or downloaded offline.

Here is an awesome BlueCast introduction recording done by Rick, In this slide he mentions the BlueCast Blog as a place you can go to get more information on BlueCast

Wouldn’t it be great if the viewer just loaded our Blog right in the secondary content frame? This guide will show you how to do this.


  • To get started first go navigate to http://bluecast.creighton.edu and log in using the BlueLine account option then your NETID and Blue password.
  • Navigate to the course (folder) your session is located in and click the “clapper” icon to load the BlueCast editor.

  • Using the transport controls and the timeline, find the spot in the recording where you would like the external webpage to load.
  • Right click on this spot in the timeline and click “Create Event” from the menu that appears.

The “Edit Event” window will appear, Here is where you will enter the URL of the webpage, Copy/Paste or enter the URL in the “URL” field. Remember to include “http://” before the link as it may not work correctly if you don’t. In this example we put in “http://wpmu.creighton.edu/bluecast”

Click “OK” to save and return to the Editor.

When you’re finished making all your edits remember to click “save” at the top of the Editor and then “save and quit” in the popup box to return to BlueCast. Your recording will reprocess and when it’s finished the URL will be active in the recording.

When viewers reach the the spot in the recording you added the link to, The secondary content frame will automatically pop over to the new “Url” tab and start to load the webpage. Once loaded viewers can freely navigate the page just as if they were using their regular browser. You can embed ANY sort of link to a webpage including BlueQ Surveys, YouTube videos, News articles, etc.

If you require any additional assistance in embedding URLs or have any questions feel free to contact us at bluecast@creighton.edu


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