Create a copy of a session

In some cases when working with multiple courses you will need to create a duplicate of your recording. This guide will show you the few steps needed and how easy it is to create copies of your sessions.

  • To get started log into BlueCast at using the BlueLine Account option and then your NETID and Blue Password.
  • Navigate to the session you would like to copy and click the settings “Cog” that appears below the title.45ClickSettings
  • Once the Sessions Settings panel appears, click the “Manage” tab.45ClickManage
  • In the Manage tab, locate the “Copy Session” section. Here you can change the title of the new session, by default it will append “(copy)” to the current title. When you have added your new title (if desired) click the “Copy” button below the text entry field.45titleClickCopy-7
  • It may take a moment, but once you have clicked “Copy” you will notice a loading spinner in the upper right corner of the session settings panel. When the copy has been made it will¬†automatically¬†take you to the copied sessions’s settings. You will notice this from the title changing in the top of the settings panel as well as the status changing to “Processing”45DoneProcessing





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