Archive your recordings: Podcasts

The easiest method of archiving your recordings is to subscribe to the feed in iTunes and iTunes will automatically download your recordings as Podcasts. These are .MP4 video files and can be played back on most mobile devices as well as inside iTunes. BlueCast Podcasts take the audio from your recording and place it under the screen capture from your presentation. If you did record screen capture the camera feed will not be included with the Podcast. Before we begin

There are 2 prerequisites to use this method.

  1.  You must have Podcasts enabled for your folder (course). If you do not please contact us at
  2. If you do not already have iTunes on your computer, it’s a quick and free download and install from Apple here (Mac OSX and Windows)

You can find the Podcast feeds in both BlueCast and BlueLine, to get started follow these simple steps:

Subscribe to the Podcasts within BlueCast

  • Visit and log in using the “BlueLine Account” option and then enter your NETID and Blue password.
  • Navigate to the folder containing the recordings you would like to archive. (Using Podcasts)
  • On the top right click the RSS button  

  • Click “Subscribe in iTunes” or “Subscribe in iTunes (audio only)” to download MP3 versions of your recordings

  • Depending on your browser (For these screenshots I am using Google Chrome), you may receive a warning or dialoge box like this. This is simply informing you that the webpage you are on (BlueCast or BlueLine) has requested that iTunes be launched. This is normal. Please click “Launch Application”

  • iTunes will launch and automatically setup your BlueCast folder (or course) as a new Podcast and will download the most recent recording.

  • As you can see: the title of the Podcast will be folder or course name, the “Episodes” of the Podcast will be the title of your recordings.  Simply click the “Get” button to download your other recordings. Now that you’re subscribed all future recordings in this course on BlueCast will automatically download the next time you launch iTunes.


Besides the ease of downloading Podcasts from BlueCast, they are also compressed in file size (to support mobile devices) this method uses much less hard disk space and because it is a single file it offers more flexibility for playback and sharing.



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