Adding BlueCast to your Mobile iOS Device

With iPads, iPhones, and other mobile devices being more prevalent here at Creighton, it is important that our systems are mobile ready and easily accessible on the go. BlueCast is no exception to this and the entire online web interface has been designed to be compatible with mobile browsers. This quick tip will show you how to add BlueCast to the home screen of your iOS device. This enables quick access to BlueCast and allows you all of the capabilities of the standard desktop browser experience on the go.

Here’s how to add the icon pictured above to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

First, launch the Safari app and navigate to “”

Then tap the Options button then Add to Home Screen.

By default the title of the webpage (which is “Welcome to BlueCast”) will populate as the title, since this is too long lets change it to “BlueCast” then tap add.

That’s it! the BlueCast icon will be added to your home screen, you can hold it until it starts to “wiggle” and move it to a desired location.


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