BlueCast and Panopto Recorder Troubleshooting Tips and FAQs

Common problems with the Panopto Recorder and BlueCast and tips you can use to help solve them.


Problem: Server Address field is blank
Question: “What’s the Server Address?”

Solution: The Server address for both Mac and Windows Recorders is “”


Problem: Can’t log in.

Solution 1- Ensure that the user is using the “Login with BlueLine Account”, there is both a Username and Password field below the button, these will never work. Using the BlueLine2 Account button will prompt the user for their NETID and Blue Password using the standard Creighton SSO page.

Solution 2 – If the “Login with BlueLine Account” button is not visible, ensure the computer can access the internet. If it can, Ensure there are no software firewall programs or anti-virus programs blocking the Recorder from accessing the Internet.

Solution 3- If the user is using the Mac Recorder, they must first click “Get Providers from Server” and then select the “BlueLine Account” option.

Solution 4- The user is not inputting their credentials correctly or password has expired..


Problem: “Where is the recording I just made? I don’t see it on BlueCast.”

Solution 1- The recording was made “Offline” and is still on the local computer. Have the user login to their Recorder and check the “Recording Status” tab. If the session is found under “Offline Recordings” simply click the upload button, select the course or folder and the session will upload.

Solution 2- The recording was placed into the incorrect course/folder when created. See here for directions on moving the session.

Solution 3- (If student) Recordings will not be visible to students until they have completed processing and are ready to view. Please allow up to 24 hours from the time the recording was uploaded.


Problem: “The Panopto Recorder or BlueCast says my recording is “Queued for Encoding, is everything okay?”

Solution- Yes. The recording is standing in line waiting to be processed with other recordings from the day. The policy is that recordings will be available within 24 hours. If a recording will not reach that deadline the recording’s creator will be contacted by DoIT to let them know and the ETA of when it will be available to view.


Problem: Recording is not uploading from the “Recording Status” tab in the Panopto Recorder.

Solution 1- The Recorder is being blocked by a software firewall, or other firewall from within your network (Such as a corporate firewall/internet filter).

Solution 2- If you can confirm uploading is not functioning for another recorder, Please contact the BlueCast team as there may be a larger issue at hand.


Problem: Upper right hand corner displays the users’s NETID, but says “Unable to Login”. 

Solution 1: User has saved their credentials into the Panopto Recorder and has launched it without being connected to the internet, if the user is connected, see Solution 2.

Solution 2: If the user is indeed online. Click the “Log Out” button, and have the user login again.


Problem: No Audio or Video devices available in the Recorder.

Solution: There is a problem with the hardware/software/drivers on the local machine. Please troubleshoot from there. For directions with microphone levels see here: Windows 7 | Windows XP


Problem: There are Color Bars where the camera preview should be (Creighton BlueCast Equipped Room only).

Solution 1: Check to see if the room contains a Pan Tilt Zoom Camera (See Equipped Rooms list for reference) if it does, ensure that the camera is turned ON by using the remote control found in the room. If Camera is on, or does not turn on. Please contact the Classroom Support team.

Solution 2: The Camera is not functioning. Please contact the Classroom Support team.


Problem: “I used a BlueCast Equipped Room and there’s an annoying buzzing in my recording!”

Solution: The power supply for the ceiling microphone has gone bad, Please contact the Classroom Support team via the DoIT Service Desk who will replace it.


Problem: ” I have a recording that I want to make available to multiple courses or sections.”

Solution: Please follow directions here to show user how to copy a recording.


Problem: “I gave permission to other users to view my recording or course folder, but they can’t see them”

Solution: Ensure the user added the NETID of the individuals with ‘blue\’ prefixing them (IE: ‘blue\ABC12345′). No other combination of username will work, this includes ‘’ or ‘’.



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