2012 Student Survey Results

At the end of Fall 2010 Academic and eLearning Technologies conducted a survey of students who were in classes that piloted the BlueCast system and provided anonymous feedback that helped us grow and expand BlueCast as well as make improvements and discover unknown needs for Creighton’s lecture capture system. Since then we have rolled BlueCast out to almost the entire campus (and we’re still expanding). Now that BlueCast is offered in a much broader range of courses we sent out the same survey and made it public to the campus. We received over 700 responses from students across the campus hailing from different professional schools and colleges over a two month period (mid-January to mid-April).

Here are some select results from the survey.

  • What percentage of the recorded lectures did you listen to during the semester?

  • Of the following, which best describes your activities while listening to the recordings (check all that apply)

  • Of the following, which best describes your typical listening habits? (check one)

  • The items listed below relate to your use of the lecture recordings. For each item indicate whether you Strongly Disagree, Disagree, are Neutral, Agree, or Strongly Agree by selecting the bubble in the appropriate column.

  • Depending on settings set by the instructor of a class, recordings are available to view online through a web browser, or …le devices.  For the three options please answer as Primary method of viewing, Method used a few times, or Method not used.

  • For each of the topics below please indicate the appropriate choice.

  • Did the availability of recorded lectures impact your class attendance at all? (this survey was anonymous)

  •  Do you feel that the availability of recorded lectures impacted your grades at all in this class?




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