Recording Tips and Best Practices

Creating a recording on BlueCast is super easy, but these simple tips and best practices will help you have a frustration free experience and give your viewers the best viewing experience.

  • When logging into the Panopto Recorder or the BlueCast web interface always use the BlueLine Account option. Any other ways to log in will not work. See here for directions on logging into the Recorders:
  • Windows Recorder
  • Mac Recorder


  • Check how your audio sounds by making a quick test recording and making adjustments to your level if needed. Depending on your computer and what audio interface you are using there can be many different ways to adjust this. If you’re using the built in microphone or input on your mac or PC we have put together guides on the BlueCast Blog for this: 


  • We understand that due to the time of day you create your test recording, it might wait in the processing queue a little longer while it waits for other recordings to finish processing.
    • You can always check the amount of recordings in the processing queue by this graph here. If there is a low number in the “Current” legend, then it is likely that your recording will process quickly. If there is a higher number than it is likely that your recording will be completed processing within 24 hours.


  • If you are using PowerPoint please ensure that the PPTX (or PPT) file you are using is stored on the computer itself and not a USB flash drive. Simply copy the powerpoint presentation file along with any necessary additional media to the desktop of your computer.



  • Avoid using custom fonts in your PowerPoint presentation. A custom font is described as any font that is not installed by default in Windows or Microsoft Office. Due to the nature of how recordings are processed and how the system interacts with powerpoint files to create the slide table of contents and search index it will fail if it does not know what font was used for your slides. The best way around this is to use a non-custom font, or uncheck the PowerPoint checkbox in the Recorder. Your slides will still be captured by the screen capture function, but it will not process your PPT file along with the recording. *Note: unchecking the PowerPoint box will also disable the slide and search indexing feature so this is not recommended.


  • Always select a folder or course before you record. This ensures that the Recorder will automatically begin uploading your recording when you press the stop button. If you do not select a folder



  • Once the recorder is started simply minimize it and launch your PowerPoint slide show using the functions built into PowerPoint. We have seen some problems in the past using the Recorder’s “Start Slide Show” functionality.


  • Have your presentation loaded up and ready to present before clicking record. This ensures a quick transition from starting the Recorder and presenting. You can always edit out parts of your recording using the online BlueCast Editor. Instructions for this is found here.


  • Remember- Recordings may take up to 24 hours to become viewable. You can check the status of your recording any time by logging into the BlueCast web interface at


  • If the primary video device on a laptop shows “CyberLink WebCam Splitter” your recording might finish and upload normally, however it will fail to process on the system end. This is a known incompatibility with the CyberLink WebCam Splitter software that is often pre-installed by manufactures on new computers. Please use the normal hardware device for as your webcam instead of this option. It should be listed in the primary device dropdown. See here from Panopto Support about this incompatibility.


  • If you are in a classroom and see color bars in the Windows Recorder this could indicate that the camera in the ceiling is not functioning properly. Please use the red Classroom Support phone to contact the Learning Environments team so we can repair the camera. If the room has a Pan Tilt Zoom camera you may see these color bars if the camera is asleep. Use the remote control to wake the camera up to restore video. See this BlueCast Blog post for more information.

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