Recording on Windows


  • Launch the program by double clicking the Panopto Recorder shortcut on the desktop.Screenshot_112916_030348_PM
  • Once the Recorder loads you will be presented with the log in screenScreenshot_112916_030951_PM
  • If needed the server address is “” (without the quotes). Then click the “Log in with BlueLine Account” button. If the button does not appear please check your internet connection or any software firewalls. The Panopto Recorder requires access to the internet to initially login. If you find that you are not connected to the internet and repair your connection please restart the recorder to make the button appear.Screenshot_112916_030501_PM_112916_031007_PM



  • In the window the comes up, enter your NETID and Blue Password (used for BlueLine, CUMail, etc) *NOTE:* It will say “Log on to BlueLine” this is correct.Screenshot_112916_030659_PM


  • After entering your NETID and password, if this window comes up simply click “Log In” This is BlueCast ensuring it’s okay to access your information from BlueLine (name, email, and enrollment information)


  • Once logged-in, the first thing you can do is set the folder that your recording will be placed in. In the upper portion of the application window, locate the “Folder” box. Upon clicking the down arrow within the folder box you will be presented with a hierarchical list of folders which you’re able to place recordings in.
  • rtaImage (1)
  • Modify title of the folder if desired (defaults to date/time)
  • Click the big red RECORD button,  Once your recording has started, that icon will change into PAUSE and STOP.
  • At the end of the lecture click the Stop button.  You will be taken to the Recording Status tab and your lecture will begin uploading to BlueCast. When the recording has dropped down to the “Uploaded Recordings” section you are safe to log out of and close the Panopto Recorder.