Setting up your BlueLine course

With BlueLine it is even easier to setup your course in order to start recording your lectures. In fact it happens automatically when you log in to the BlueCast web interface or the Panopto Recorder if the following are true:

  • Your course has reached its start date.
  • Your course is published.

The log in process synchronizes the rosters between BlueLine and BlueCast. Any students or teachers who are added to your roster in BlueLine will automatically receive the appropriate permissions in BlueCast without a manual synchronization action. TA and Designer roles have the same permissions as the Instructor (Creator). The Observer role has the same permissions as Students (Viewer).

There is also a “BlueCast Content” navigation tab that you can add to your BlueLine course to provide one click access to BlueCast.

  • To add the Navigation tab first hover over the “Courses & Groups” area across the BL2 global navigation and navigate to your course.
  • Access the course settings by clicking the “Settings” tab at the bottom of the left hand course navigation.

BlueCast 101

  • Click the “Navigation” Tab, and then find “BlueCast Content” in the list of disabled navigation items.  Simply drag it up into the active course navigation wherever you desire and then click the “Save” button. (if you don’t see the BlueCast Content item, please contact us at


  • Return to the homepage of your course and click the “BlueCast Content” tab.

 BlueCast in BlueLine

If you wish to begin creating recordings before your course has begun, you may activate the BlueCast Content tab and click it to provision your
course. However, please note that students will have access to any recordings you make. If you would like to create recordings prior to your course start date and do not want students to be able to access them, please contact us at and we’ll set you up with a personal space that you can store recordings in and then move them to the your course in BlueCast when you are ready.


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