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Safari Autoplay pausing BlueCast Videos

The new update to Safari has caused videos on BlueCast to pause unexpectedly. After this happens, the viewer must hit play again.  This is caused by a new feature called autoplay in Safari. By default this feature is disabled.  To fix the issue of the videos pausing, the feature needs to be enabled for BlueCast. Here are directions on how to enable this feature.

1.Open Safari

2. Log into

3.Click on “Safari” in the upper left-hand side, then click on preferences 


4.Once the preferences window opens, please click on the “websites” tab

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 10.02.51 AM

5.On the left-hand side locate “Auto-play” and click on it

6.On the right-hand side, you should see BlueCast, you probably also see a drop-down menu that says “stop media with sound”

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 10.03.02 AM

7.Change that drop down menu to “allow all autoplay”



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Using BlueCast in the Harper Center

A question came up recently about using BlueCast in the Harper Center. Put narrowly, BlueCast is available in properly equipped classrooms. More broadly, access to those properly-equipped classrooms can be complicated; Harper is a multi-use facility that includes classrooms, faculty offices, and public events.

To get the most out of the Harper Center, please contact Creighton University’s Central Reservations Office (a new tab will open if you click on this link). Central Reservations is one-stop shopping for all your Harper Center needs, including access to classrooms, if available.

Mark Andrews, Product Manager / App Admin, DoIT


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Avoiding upload problems

Now that the 2014 Fall Semester is well underway, I want to pass on a few “uploading” safety tips I’ve learned from my fellow BlueCast users. These tips apply to Mac and Windows users, except as-noted:

When using the Panopto Recorder:

1. Use the latest version of the Panopto Recorder for your computer. You can use your favorite web browser to open Log in with your BLUE credentials. At the top, left corner of the page, near your name, you will see a link (a URL actually) you can use to download the latest & greatest Panopto Recorder.

  • You can install the new Recorder over any you have currently installed without losing your work.
  • If you are a Mac user, make sure you take the default installation location for the Recorder, which is the Applications directory. This ensures the Recorder can save your work in the right place, with the right permissions to read, write and change thinks like a recording and accompanying PowerPoint file.

2. Use a “typical” font in PowerPoint. Some users had trouble uploading PowerPoint files with a somewhat creative font. Not to cramp your style, but start with Ariel or Times New Roman. The part of the Panopto that “ingests” PowerPoint files can get stuck on less-commonly used fonts.

3. When creating a recording, make sure PowerPoint files are actually on your computer – on the desktop, in a documents folder – and not on a USB drive (sometimes called a “thumb” drive). The Recorder software tracks the physical location of your PowerPoint file, so it knows where to look when you upload you recording. If you stop you work and try to continue later, and the USB drive is not attached, the Recorder can’t find the file where it last saw it.

Mark Andrews ’84, Application Administrator


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Email address change

I have changed the “how to get help” email address in BlueCast to from I think this will give BlueCast users a quicker way to ask for and receive assistance than using a separate email box.

Thank you for using BlueCast!

Mark Andrews ’84, Application Administrator

Division of Information Technology, Creighton University or x3065


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Recorded into the wrong course? No Problem!

As we keep course recordings on BlueCast for an additional year past when they end, you still have “Creator” rights to those courses and can technically still make new recordings in them. Often times in the classroom you might accidentally select the wrong course in the Recorder’s course drop down and hit record. There’s no need to worry! You can always move the recording to the correct course after the fact. It’s very easy and only takes 5 clicks! (I counted).

Here’s are the step by step directions for how to do this.


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Please keep those classroom computers turned on!

Recently we’ve been seeing a number of recordings that hang at the uploading stage. These recordings are not tied to a specific building or classroom rather they turn out that users are shutting down the classroom computers before the recordings finish uploading. Generally this does no harm and once the computer is restarted the upload process safely resumes, however it is unknown when the computer will be turned back on (Often times not until the next day when it’s needed) and therefor recordings do not turn around in a timely manner.

It’s a best practice and recommended by DoIT that classroom computers remain turned on at all times. This is mainly so classrooms can receive important Windows Updates and patches and  after hours is the only time the computers are avalible for DoIT technicians to perform any maintenance work, repair faulted BlueCast recordings or fix other issues that may be inhibiting performance during class.

We also design the classroom smart podiums to be very energy efficient and set up in a way to not waste electricity by being powered on. The average podium at idle only uses just over 100 watts. This includes the computer and monitor, DVD and VCR player (generally powered off), document camera (generally powered off), and the Extron switching and scaling equipement.  Now lets do some math:
Since 100 W = 0.1 kW, we have: W = Pt = (0.1 kW)(1 hr) = 0.1 kW-hr.
Since electricity sells for roughly $0.10 per kW-hr, it costs $0.01 to run the classroom podium for 1 hour at idle.

So please remember to keep those classroom computers turned on folks!

Happy BlueCasting!


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Always use the “BlueLine Account” option

As of Feb. 11th the “”  option has been removed from BlueCast.

When logging into BlueCast or the Panopto Recorders always use the “BlueLine Account” option. the other options listed including “” will not work. Unless otherwise noted by a member of the BlueCast staff, “BlueLine Account” will always be the way any user logs into BlueCast.

Also, When inside of the Share page in folders or sessions, Always choose the user that populates with the “blue\” infront of the NETID. Unless otherwise noted by us only users with “blue\abc12345″ will work.


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Deleting of old BlueCast Recordings

The policy for keeping BlueCast recordings is to maintain them for one year beyond the semester in which the course was taught.  As such, it is now time for us to delete recordings from classes taught during the Fall 2010 semester.  Deletions will begin on December 22nd for these courses.  If you wish to archive and download copies of your class recordings there are a couple of methods for doing this.

  • Archiving your recordings: Podcasts
    This method allows you to download a single MP4 movie file of the lecture which is playable on most any type of computer or mobile device and can be easily put on web pages and BlueLine.
  • Archiving your recordings: Offline Viewer
    This process downloads the presentation as several files which together can let you view the presentation just like it looked in BlueCast, but without the searching capability.  These presentations can be put on a web server for later viewing, but the process is move involved since it is more than just one file.

More information on both of these processes, including how to do them, can be found by clicking the links above.

If you teach an online course which re-uses recordings on BlueCast for multiple semesters please fill out the Request for Long Term Storage form to let us know so that they will not be deleted.

Quick facts:

  • Fun with Numbers:
    • Since going live in August of 2010 there have been over 8600 8900 sessions recorded.
    • Since August 2010 BlueCast has recorded over 9 months of content
    • Since August 2010 BlueCast has served over 10 years worth of content (Playback) -No Joke, we did the math! :)
  • The BlueCast system currently has over 2.2 TB of recordings on it (~2200 GB) or 468 DVD’s worth.
  • The average airspeed velocity of an unladen European Swallow is roughly 11 meters per second, or 24 miles an hour.
  • Creighton University’s BlueCast is the largest single installation of Panopto’s lecture capture system.

If you have any questions about these procedures please contact us at


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