Quizzing in BlueCast

Quizzing in BlueCast

New in BlueCast is the ability to add quiz questions to any previously BlueCast video at any point during the presentation.

  • Creators can add multiple choice, multi-select and true/false questions into any video using the HTML5-based video editor.
  • Creators can configure whether:
    • Viewers can see their quiz grade.
    • Viewers can retake the quiz.
    • Viewers can review the correct answers with explanations after taking the quiz.
    • Viewers are blocked from advancing in the video until they have taken the quiz.
  • Video playback is paused when the viewer is prompted to take a quiz in the interactive player.
  • The¬†quiz results¬†are aggregated and available for review by the creator.

How to add Quizzes to BlueCast


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