BlueCast Migration to the Cloud

Beginning on Friday July 29, at 5:00 PM Creighton will begin the process of switching our BlueCast environment to the cloud. This process should be complete by July 30 at 2:00am. During this migration, faculty and staff will not be able to record sessions using the Panopto Recorder. Viewing sessions will still be available to all faculty, staff and students. Once this migration is complete, faculty will need to download the updated Panopto Recorder on their individual computers. All classroom computers will be updated to the new Panopto Recorder by DoIT staff. Below are links with directions on how to download and install the new recorder. These directions are only valid once the migration is complete.  For students, they will continue to access their course material the same way as before.

Installing the Panopto Recorder for Mac

Installing the Panopto Recorder for Windows


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