Changes to “Long-term Storage” in BlueCast

BlueCast has gotten big enough – 15,000 user accounts, 21,000 recordings, 1,350 folders & 8 TB of disk storage – growing at 120 GB/month – that I am no longer able to curate content in a single “long-term storage” folder. Periodically I have to delete “old” recordings to free up disk space; each time I pruned old content I had to “maneuver” around recordings in long-term storage so as not to delete it.

Rather than continue this practice, the new “rule-of-thumb” is to:

- Keep content for a calendar year. For example, today (Tuesday, April 7, 2015) is in the Spring semester of calendar year 2015. Classes offered this term begin “15Sp”. Content beginning with “13Fa” and earlier is a candidate for deletion.

- I don’t delete any content without checking with the “owner” first, and often several times. I have no authority to delete content on my own – :^)

- Folders that don’t begin with “15Sp” or some similar date are NOT candidates for deletion and are left alone. Content in those folders is left alone, too. So, folders that begin with the words “Personal” or “Master” or anything else are ignored when I look for things to delete.

In other words, recordings in “Personal” folders can be kept indefinitely, (NB) disk space and product performance permitting. Nothing in those folders will be touched without contacting the owner.

Questions? Let me know.

Mark Andrews ’84, Product Manager, DoIT or x3065



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