Avoiding upload problems

Now that the 2014 Fall Semester is well underway, I want to pass on a few “uploading” safety tips I’ve learned from my fellow BlueCast users. These tips apply to Mac and Windows users, except as-noted:

When using the Panopto Recorder:

1. Use the latest version of the Panopto Recorder for your computer. You can use your favorite web browser to open http://bluecast.creighton.edu. Log in with your BLUE credentials. At the top, left corner of the page, near your name, you will see a link (a URL actually) you can use to download the latest & greatest Panopto Recorder.

  • You can install the new Recorder over any you have currently installed without losing your work.
  • If you are a Mac user, make sure you take the default installation location for the Recorder, which is the Applications directory. This ensures the Recorder can save your work in the right place, with the right permissions to read, write and change thinks like a recording and accompanying PowerPoint file.

2. Use a “typical” font in PowerPoint. Some users had trouble uploading PowerPoint files with a somewhat creative font. Not to cramp your style, but start with Ariel or Times New Roman. The part of the Panopto that “ingests” PowerPoint files can get stuck on less-commonly used fonts.

3. When creating a recording, make sure PowerPoint files are actually on your computer – on the desktop, in a documents folder – and not on a USB drive (sometimes called a “thumb” drive). The Recorder software tracks the physical location of your PowerPoint file, so it knows where to look when you upload you recording. If you stop you work and try to continue later, and the USB drive is not attached, the Recorder can’t find the file where it last saw it.

Mark Andrews ’84, Application Administrator


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