BlueCast Summer Update!

It’s that time again! DoIT will be upgrading BlueCast this summer to introduce a number of new features, fixes, and enhancements into the system. Our target date for this upgrade is July 11th during the standard maintenance window.

Here’s the change log for all of the features and enhancements to expect!

Headline Features

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is now used in our Smart Search to add search data for sessions
  • The BlueCast Viewer has a new look and feel, with many user interface improvements and bug fixes.
  • Updated embedded video player: The embedded player now supports autoplay, auto buffering, an optional link to launch the interactive video player, and an automatic HTML5 fallback for a larger range of browsers.
  • New Android app for searching and watching videos on an Android phone or tablet.
  • Creators can now specify a custom order for sessions in a folder. Using an easy drag and drop interface, you can choose the order that all the sessions in a folder should appear. This is perfect for creating a curriculum or set of training videos that should be watched in order. And when a viewer finishes watching one of these sessions, the player will suggest the next one in the list.
  • Creators can now schedule the publishing of sessions. This is great for releasing sessions along with a big announcement, or removing them after a semester is over. You can also make it so each session in a folder needs to be made available manually before viewers can see them – allowing you to edit or approve your sessions before being published.
  • Instructors can now embed a BlueCast video into any course document directly from BlueLine’s Rich Text Editor editor.

Interactive BlueCast Viewer

The BlueCast Viewer was rewritten with a new look and feel and many improvements:

  • The play controls have moved to the right side of the viewer
  • Improved the way videos with multiple streams (e.g. presenter video and screen recording) are kept in sync during playback
  • Improved the performance of switching between streams when watching a session
  • Sessions with only audio content have an improved layout
  • Information about the session author and their bio now shows in new a contents tab
  • Now includes the help menu from the video library
  • Improved the thumbnails for events in a session
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for controlling playback of the session
    • Spacebar: play/pause
    • Left/Right arrows: skip back and forward
    • Up/Down arrows: Volume up/down
    • ‘m’ key: mute/unmute
  • Play controls now always show when a video is in full screen mode
  • Event thumbnails will now auto-hide shortly after the session starts
  • Creators can now delete any public note on a session
  • Improved the layout of the session player for non-standard screen resolution
  • Fixed issues with the animations and behavior of the thumbnail timeline and table of contents in the player
  • The player now remembers the volume level used when watching a previous session
  • The player now defaults to 100% volume
  • Improved which source is shown by default in the session player
  • Fixed an issue that would sometime prevent showing and hiding the thumbnail timeline in the session player
  • Improved the display and accuracy of some search results when searching in the session player

Embedded Video Player

  • Embedded video playback now works on the Kindle Fire
  • Embedded videos will now play in HTML5 on modern browsers if flash is disabled

BlueCast Web Interace

  • The portal page has a new look and feel when the user is logged in to help guide them into the site
  • Improved the layout of the login controls in non-English languages
  • New alerts system that can publish alerts to all site users for important announcements/maintenance information
  • The share session page has been reworked to be more clear about the audience that a session is being shared with
  • Secondary video edit timings are now preserved when making a copy of the session
  • Thumbnails for powerpoint slides will now always include the full slide
  • Sorting sessions by name will now correctly sort different versions of the same session
  • Improved efficiency of getting the session counts in each folder – this improves performance when loading BlueCast web pages
  • The offline viewer has been removed from BlueCast
  • Improved robustness of resuming a broadcast if the original broadcast was stopped
  • Windows and Mac recorders now capture more details about the machine they are recording on and they are included in the session activity log for easier debugging
  • Clicking on a folder name in search results will now navigate to that folder
  • The session list now defaults to the thumbnail view for all users, if you change views the system will remember your preference
  • BlueCast now remembers which sort you’ve chosen for each individual folder in the system
  • When sharing a session with the Internet or All Users of your site, the option to send an email notification is disabled
  • Users can now correctly work with Dropbox content in the editor
  • Downloaded CSV viewing statistics files now show sub-minute precision for viewing time

Mac Recorder*

  • Sessions recorded on the Mac will now upload in the background, even after the recorder application has been closed
  • The Mac Recorder is using a new audio format that should improve compatibility
  • Fixed several issues in the Mac recorder related to uploading files and client permissions

Windows Recorder*

  • Fixed cases where the Windows Recorder was failing to warn users when sources were not functioning
  • Improved the error message for users who do not have permission to create sessions

Remote recorder*

  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent the Remote Recorder from repairing a session if the recording was interrupted
  • Removed extraneous entries in the event log that the remote recorder would make after a device was removed
  • The Remote Recorder session repairer is now more robust
  • A remote recorder can now be configured via a client setting to only begin uploads during a specified time window


(* Recorders will be released soon!)
Bug Fixes

  • If a user has creator access to a folder shared with All Users, that folder will now correctly show in their folders list
  • Slides attached to a session but not included in the recording will no longer appear in search results
  • Sessions that are processing and listed in the “In Progress” view will now properly show the session duration
  • Fixed a performance issue that prevented bulk deleting a large number of sessions at once
  • The ‘Esc’ key will now correctly dismiss settings dialogs in the Web UI
  • The filter by date control in the session list is now usable with the keyboard
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused an error on the statistics page
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented deleting of a folder
  • Fixed an issue relating to certain very large recordings made with Mac or iOS recorders
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some Mac recordings from getting thumbnails
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent scrolling the timeline in the editor after performing a Save As operation
  • Fixed minor issues related to layout and display in the sharing window
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent users from dismissing a user alert
  • Fixed an issue which prevented sharing a session or folder in Internet Explorer 9
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent deleting a folder


If you have any questions about this upgrade please feel free to email or call the Service Desk at or 402.280.1111

Enjoy your summer!


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