Spring 2013 BlueCast Deletions

The policy for keeping BlueCast recordings is to maintain them for one year beyond the semester in which the course was taught.  As such, it is now time for us to delete recordings from classes taught during the Spring 2013 semester.  Deletions will begin on May 19th for these courses. This only applies to courses on BlueCast that have SP13 or Spring 2013 code in it’s folder title. If you wish to archive and download copies of your class recordings there are a couple of methods for doing this:

Archiving your recordings: Podcasts

This method allows you to download a single MP4 movie file of the lecture which is playable on most any type of computer or mobile device and can be easily put on web pages and BlueLine.

If you teach an online course which re-uses recordings on BlueCast for multiple semesters please fill out the Long Term Storage Request form to let us know so that they will not be deleted. If you have already filled out this form for a course or folder there is no need to re-submit it. Please contact us if you require any assistance with re-using lectures for new semesters as there could be implications with the new student rosters.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact the DoIT Service Desk at 402.280.1111


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