(Local) Classroom Recordings Cleanup

The Panopto Recorder records your session locally to the computer before uploading it to BlueCast, these local files are technically not needed once the recording has been uploaded, however they can be useful when troubleshooting problems that might occur to the recording once it’s on BlueCast. In the classrooms here on campus the Panopto Recorders place all of their files for the raw recordings on the Deepfreeze¬†Thawspace. This is so that when the computers reboot the recordings stored on them are not deleted. We only have a finite amount of storage on the Thawspace ¬†(40GB) so we need to ensure there is always space on the drive for new recordings otherwise you’ll receive an “Out of Disk Space” warning in the Recorder when you try to record.

We implemented a solution for this back in Fall 2010 which is a script that runs every night and looks for local recordings stored on the computer that are 2 weeks old. When it finds one it deletes it allowing for space to be freed up on the Thawspace for new recordings and other files. Something that we run into every now and then are recordings that are made “Offline” and are never uploaded to BlueCast. This happens when the Creator does not select the folder or course they want their recording to upload to before they hit the Record button. The creator can do this after the recording has ended and it will upload, however sometimes they don’t remember and the recording lives on the local classroom computer. After two weeks these recordings will be deleted from the clean up script as there is no way to distinguish them from a recording that has been uploaded.

So remember to select your course or folder before hitting record! It takes two clicks of the mouse and will ensure your recording is safely uploaded to BlueCast after it’s ended.


Click #1- The drop down button


Click #2- The “Add New Session” button next to your course or folder

It’s easy as that! :) As always if you have any question please feel free to contact us at 402-280-1111!


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