Keynote 6 Compatibility

With the Panopto Recorder for Mac OS X 10.6 – 10.9, presenters have the ability to capture their Keynote slide presentations.  The Panopto Recorder has had compatibility with Keynote up until Apple’s free update to version 6.0 that was released on October 22, 2013. The latest update is not compatible with the Panopto Recorder because some features from iWork ’09 are not available in the initial release. At this time, our vendor suggest users do not upgrade to Keynote 6.0 if your workflow includes capturing Keynote slide contents with the Panopto Recorder for Mac OS X. We continue to encourage users to continue using Keynote 5.0 for capturing slides, as your able to have Keynote 5.0 installed along side of Keynote 6.  Apple Inc. has issued a document outlining these changes, with a list of features that have been slated for releases in the next 6 months. Once Apple reinstates the features that were removed, Panopto will continue development to provide support for this version of Keynote. Please see the link below for Apples press release.

About the new iWork for Mac: Features and compatibility

If you still wish to capture your Keynote presentation, or you’ve already upgraded to Keynote 6.0, you have a few options:

  •  Capture your screen

- You may capture your screen while presenting in Keynote.

     *Note: Doing this will capture what’s being shown on your screen, it will not create events for each individual slide or index the content from the slides. 

  • Present your Keynote presentation in Office for Mac PowerPoint

- Within Keynote, you have the ability to save your presentation in PowerPoint format. Doing this will preserve slide indexing, and allow viewers to search for terms in the Panopto Viewer.

  To do this, open your Keynote presentation. Once open, choose File>Export from your menu bar. A dialogue will drop down in Keynote, and you will want to choose “PPT” and click “Next”. You will then given the option to change the document name, and storage location. Please note,  that all slide transitions may not be available in Office for Mac PowerPoint.


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