Say Hello to the upgraded BlueCast with BlueLine2 Integration!

Ok well cosmetically not much has changed, but there’s a lot of great new stuff, specifically under the hood that’s going to give users a smoother and quicker experience going forward. The upgrade last night while taking approx. 5 and half hours was successful. We learned a lot during those 5 hours, notably  how large BlueCast has grown since it’s launch almost 3 years ago and how massively it has scaled and for that we thank you!

Ok enough with the formalities. Lets talk about what this upgrade included. :)

    • BlueCast Web Interface
      • BlueLine2 Integration with course provisioning and rolling permissions sync – No more synchronizing rosters between BlueLine and BlueCast!
      • New Request Access workflow for content students don’t have access to. Students can request access to recordings that send an email to the recording’s creator where they can grant or deny access.
      • New personal bookmarks to specific times in a session.
        • Available from the Viewer as well as the Sessions list.
      • Added new podcast output resolutions.  If source content is below target resolution, source resolution will be used.
        • Low: 720×480 / 15 fps / 250 kbps (now called SD – 480p Low Quality)
        • Medium: 720×480 / 30 fps / 500 kbps (now called SD – 480p Medium Quality)
        • High: 720×480 / 30 fps / 750 kbps (now called SD 4780p High Quality)
        • HD: 720p / 30 fps / 1.5 mbps
        • HD: 1080p / 30 fps / 2 mbps
      • Fixed many bugs throughout the web interface.
      • Email notifications for recordings that are ready to view only to go Creator that created the recording.
      • Content in student dropboxes can now be shared with other students by a single check of a box.
    • BlueCast Editor
      • Added support for video switching in the editor. You can now control which tabs in the viewer are shown to users.
      • Added crossfading between edits in final encoded output.
      • Added support for combining audio-only and video sessions through splicing.
      • Improved accuracy and resolution of the audio histogram.
      • Added support for smaller segments – they can be as short as 1 second.
      • Increased encoding speed and reliability of edited sessions.
      • Fixed usability issues with the session list when adding a splice..
      • Fixed buffering issues when not playing content in the editor.
      • Show events for all splices in the correct order in the table of contents
      • Improved playback quality.
    • BlueCast Web Viewer
      • New personal bookmarks to specific times in a session.
      • Fixed a problem where hidden events with just searchable metadata were sometimes returned in search results.
      • Added detection and user notification for plugin issues with Firefox on Mac.
    • Panopto Recorder (Windows) * Available now by downloading it from
      •  Fail-safe behaviors to reduce data-loss issues.
        • Automatic repair of faulted recordings.
        • Ability to resume a recording that unexpectedly ends due to a system crash, loss of power, etc.
      • A warning dialog now appears when PowerPoint is running in Protected View (which prevents capture).
      • Improved the workflow for audio only + screen sessions resulting in a single video stream at viewing time.
      • Fixed video preview when running with higher than default DPI settings.
      • Better handling of PowerPoint app errors.
      • Better handling of condition where a device is hot unplugged while stopping.
      • Many bug fixes and general stability improvements.
    • Panopto Recorder (Mac) * Available now by downloading it from
      • Increased robustness during upload and handling of large recordings.
      • Increased upload speeds by 100%.
      • Made the  Mac Recorder  more resilient to buggy device drivers.
      • Added a preference for disabling hot-keys during recording.
    • New Panopto iPad app


    • The native iPad app will also be available for iPhone users as well, automatically adapting to the iPhone’s form factor.
    • View presentations and videos through an interactive, touch-friendly interface.
    • Search inside recordings to fast-forward to any word in the slides during a lecture.
    • Record HD videos and automatically upload them to BlueCast.
  • Searching, Indexing, and Caching

Apache Solr makes BlueCast’s search lighting quick!

  • Search indexing is now powered by Apache Solr, which powers some of the most highly trafficked websites in the world.
  • Better integration with notes.
  • Search results include bookmarks.
  • Unlike before, now repetitive actions that would require database activity are now called from a cache enabling much quicker load times across BlueCast.
  • Woohoo! A lot of great stuff here! We still have a lot of work to do including updating the BlueCast Blog with new and updated documentation for a lot of these new features and enhancements. Keep an eye out on here as always for the latest news and updates and of course we like to throw in some fun tips/tricks and weird facts that most normal people don’t know such as how a can of Diet Coke will float in water, but a can of regular Coke will sink to the bottom.

    If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us at or by calling the Service Desk at x1111.


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