Pentecost and Summer Break

Today, the last day of May 2020, is Pentecost, a time of joyous and thankful celebration.  In keeping with that theme, I am going to offer some well-deserved thanks to a handful of folks.

I hope you have enjoyed the puzzles, especially the 12-part series of panoramic images of Omaha as seen from Creighton in 1915.  This has been a team effort, and I want to thank the team members who did such an amazing job putting this together for your enjoyment.  Join with me in thanking:

  • Karl, for driving this project forward.  Karl put in a great deal of time identifying places, finding information, and writing the text for the blog posts.
  • Greg, for his work with the images.  Greg digitized the original photographs, adjusted the images to look incredible, and created the inserts that feature specific buildings.  He also is working on stitching the twelve photos together to make a continuous 360-degree view.  (You’ll have to wait a while for that, but we will let you know when it is available.)
  • Thomas, for creating the puzzles (for the panoramas and the other puzzles over the past few months).  Thomas made sure everything got uploaded, tweeted to let you know when new puzzles became available, and even created a blog post that links to every one of our puzzles.

The way Creighton’s academic year ended, I did not get a chance to thank the great student interns and workers who make our department useful and productive.  At least I did not get to thank them in person.  I hope each one knows how much I appreciate her or him, and how grateful I am for the outstanding contributions they have made.  So thank you Malaz, Joe, Ellie, Cindy, Olivia and Ashley.  You are wonderful!

You may recall that our department expanded this past academic year with the addition of the Creighton Digital Repository.  Thank you to Rose, Karl and Greg for their outstanding efforts, repeated encouragement, and overall support.  You are amazing individuals, and an incredible team.

There are a lot of other thanks to make, but (in the spirit of the Oscars) the orchestra is playing and it is time for me to let you go.  Creighton’s Attic will take the summer off, but we hope to have some good things to post when the Fall semester begins and we are (hopefully) back on campus.



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