Thankful (part 1)

As I mentioned earlier, this month’s posts are meant highlight reasons to be thankful.  Since we were hit with some larger requests and projects, I am behind on Creighton’s Attic – so we will extend our Thanksgiving into December.  I have drafts of a few thankful posts, but let me start with a simple one.

People often tell me that my job sounds fascinating because I get to work with great objects – historical memorabilia, rare books, precious artwork, the Heritage Edition of The Saint John’s Bible.  Those are wonderful, and I am grateful – but by far the best part of my job is that I have the opportunity to work with exceptional student interns.  For that I am repeatedly and profoundly grateful.  This office would not be able to function without their dedication, creativity and intellect.  I have been blessed during my time at Creighton to have some extraordinary women and men, and that has never been more true than this year.  A (much belated) posts about those who graduated in May will be coming soon, I promise, but for now just let me say that I am truly thankful for Hannah, Katherine, Thomas, Emily, Mary Kate, Grace, Cindy, Sydney, Ellie, Olivia, Joe, Maddie and Rachel (all who have worked here in 2019).

Small2018-02-07-MLSE_Awards-096Don’t have a picture of all of them together, so here is one from last Spring with the historical banners of Mary Lucretia and Sarah Emily. 



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